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Commercial Solar Systems

With a commercial solar system, you will have more control over your energy bill.  Your business will be less susceptible to energy rate hikes that may occur at any time.  In addition to your savings from your utility bills, you’ll be able to benefit from a significant federal tax credit.

Solar for Agriculture Commercial Industry

Solar Power

Solar Custom Design will install solar panels on agricultural land to generate clean energy.  Once set up, solar power is simple and easy.  Just let the system convert natural light into clean energy that you owe and can use for all your energy needs.

Commercial Solar Power

Solar Incentives

Using solar incentives, you can save up to 26%.  This is based on a combination utility rebates, federal tax credits, federal grants and the MACRS bonus depreciation.  We help you maximize all your solar incentives, so that your commercial solar panels begin to pay for themselves immediately.  They may be able to pay themselves off within 5 to 8 years.

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